Database Development

In today's world database performance is everything and here in Seer we know how important is the high performance and availability of the database. We help you excel your business by improving the database performance in the following:

    Business transaction
  • In the business transaction we look into the business processes and how long it takes and get a real feeling of the end user experience and interaction with the database.
  • Query Performance
  • Here we capture the query and analyze them and define which queries are asking for more data than needed, insufficient joint between tables, too many or too few indexes..etc and we also define the query conflicts and dead locks and avoid them
  • Capacity Planning
  • In the capacity planning we look into the SQL database process, Ram, Disk space and IOPs to define and CPU and Ram sufficient and if the disk media is best for your database activity and come up with a formula that works on business needs and growth.
  • Configuration
  • A database without a solid configuration is exposed to all kind of danger from halting to hacking and here in Seer we dedicate our database experts to configure your database role and users to run your database in the most effective way.