Privacy Policy

The Company adheres to the legal and regulatory data protection requirements as is applicable to the Company. By accessing this website, including by means of downloading or filling any forms (proposal/claims etc.) / sending emails/ sending sms/ calling the company in the contact numbers provided/ and/or by providing any data/ information to the Company (whether though this Website or otherwise and by any means) you hereby give your unconditional consent to the Company to :

  • contact you anytime, through any means (email, sms, phone, etc.) and for any reason including for promoting its products;
  • collect and store your personal information which you provide to us (including by way of cookies) for the time period as may be required by the Company;
  • transfer your personal information to servers/our third party affiliates/service providers whether inside or outside the UAE;
  • use your personal information as required by the Company for evaluating/ underwriting/ issuing/ administering/ processing your policy/claims etc;
  • disclose your personal information to third party partners as required to issue/underwrite/ administer / process your policy/ claims, etc. including but not limited to third party administrators, medical providers, brokers, agents, service providers etc; within or outside the UAE
  • Disclose and/or report your personal information to legal/regulatory agencies/bodies if and as required by law.